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Home Appliances Front Accounting
'Front Accounting' Appliance

PlaNetTel provides value added solutions and services to our customers who need 'web-based Accounting Software'

with long-term reliable support. PlaNetTel experts make significant contibutions to the development of 'Front Accounting'

code and is able to offer various value added services to our customers who need such support.


PlaNetTel offers to our customers following commercial solutions and services:




    Hosted Service using our own 'Dedicated Servers' that are fully secured to protect your Data.

    Our servers are located in reliable Data Centres in multiple locations in order to provide

    you with the optimum secure access to your Accounting Software. For added security, we

    can also provide you with a VPN account to access your hosted service.


    Click HERE to submit your request for this 'Hosted Service'




    We build and supply PC Appliances with pre-installed and configured 'Front Accounting' package that

    will be shipped to you for installation in your own network. We will assist you in configuring your

    Appliance for remote access so that you can access your 'Front Accounting' Appliance remotely

    from anywhere in the Internet.


    Click HERE to submit your request for Front Accounting 'Planettel Appliance'.

    We will respond with a customised quote to meet your requirements.


    We supply the Appliance in 3 configurations as:

    i)   'LAN Appliance' to access your 'Front Accounting' application only from your LAN

    ii)  'WAN Appliance' together with a Firewall/VPN Appliance so that you can access your Front Accounting

         Appliance from anywhere in the Internet through a secure VPN connection.

    iii) 'WAN Appliance' together with a scheduled Data Centre 'Back-up service' where your data

         will be backed up on a regular basis.




   Do you want to migrate your Data from an existing Accounting Application to 'Front Accounting' ?

   Do you need integration of 'Front Accounting' with other web-based software solutions ?


   Click HERE to submit your requirements with a breif description of the solution you need.

   We will respond with a proposal to address your need.


We look forward to serving you.

PlaNetTel Team


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